Hey guys! So this year we are trying something new. We were hoping to go racing full-time this season but unfortunately things didn’t come together that way and the teams we were working with weren’t able to provide the support – that’s OKAY! We actually are really excited to say we are planning to do 13 of the 18 rounds, which will allow us to stay fresh and ready for the races as I plan to show up 110% to each round I attend. Also, we have tickets to fly to England in May for business where I will be holding sessions for my motorcycle training school – 10 Training – and have students booking into multiple dates during our stay already! I will also be able to piggy-back the trip with one of their races as well and race while I’m there. Great opportunity as I was able to do this last year as well with awesome success, and it was a heck of a time. This year the family will be going with me and I can’t wait. Aside from England we also have plans to hold multiple other schools across the US and also Ontario so a limited race schedule will help us reserve the space and time to be able to enjoy other parts of our life as well and really have amazing experiences as a family!

This season I have plans to race the Richie Morris Racing Kawasaki at all TTs and short tracks. The remaining rounds I attend I will be competing an Indian FTR750 provided by KE Motorsports. I am going there to win! This is a privateer effort mostly out of my own pocket with some good product support here and there so we have limited funding for our team and in fact are looking for support to cover as many racing costs as we can to help us get to the track and help take the financial stress off the team. We’ve set up this website as a cool way of giving ways for anyone to contribute (should they be interested in doing so) – big or small – to our racing efforts this year. Each person who supports us will be listed on my autograph sheets.

I want to thank you ahead of time for your support towards my racing. Racing isn’t rewarding in the same way without a tribe of people behind me supporting myself and our family. Spending time with my supporters, building relationships and communicating during open paddock are all things that enrich us in deep ways and encourage me to give my best. I am honored to have such a loyal tribe and I thank you for any type of support you extend to us, be it monetary or emotional!

We have estimated costs for each expense in racing and we’d appreciate ANY level of support you can give (click any option to learn more):

Become my official title sponsor – $10,000

Become my helmet sponsor – $5,000

Claim the logo space on the exhaust pipe of my race bike – $3,000

Claim the logo space on the arms of my race suit – $2,500

Help with my race sign-up fees – $2,275 (or sponsor me per race at $175 a race!)

Help us with travel and fuel expenses – $4,000

Help cover the cost of my 2nd race suit – $1500

Cover the cost of race fuel for race days – $910 (or $70 per race)

Pay my mechanic’s wage for the season – $10,000

Help me purchase tires for the race season – $2,475 (or $165 per tire)

Support us to create awesome promotional materials for our pit and fans! – $1,000